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Islamic Laws (Fiqh)

Qurbani Meat

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/22/2018 - 16:13

Is it permissible to use the heart of the qurbani sheep for dissection in biology for educational purposes. Not to be sold or make money from.

Nikaah - Marriage

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 08/21/2018 - 00:33

Assalam o alaikum I have question . I did a nikkah with a man i have been in a relationship with him since 7 years. So we decided to perform a nikkah in the presence of 2 witnesses one was his brother & other was his friend. We decided to do a secret marriage & after a month we ll announce later. And we also signed on a paper where his and my names plus nic’s numbers were written. And we accept the nikkah thrice time. And he gave me Mehr as well. My question here is if my nikkah is valid or not? Although some people are saying that its valid and others are saying its not valid.


Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 08/19/2018 - 23:48

Salam.. my question is if sacrificing an animal is fardh on a person but he is caught by a fatal disease and now he believes that he will run out of money if sacrifices an animal.. what shud he do in that case?? JazakAllah..

Sacrifice/ Qurbani (Urdu)

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 08/18/2018 - 08:00

mery pas itni raqam mojod hay may apna janwar khared sakta hu, magar meny 3 year pehlay qarza lia tha jo me abhi tak ada nahi karsaka or denay waly nay bhi abhi tak manga nahi hay mujhsay, tw kia mujh pay qurbani jaaiz hay????

Alcohol in Food

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 02:22

Is it Permissible to Cook Food with Alcohol? You go to a restaurant and on the menu you find a seafood dish that has been cooked with alcohol. The waiter informs you that the alcohol content of this food has been ‘burned off’ by cooking. Is it permissible to eat this seafood?

Fish Burger

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 02:19

Are we allowed to eat fish burgers from the fast-food restaurant in NZ – like Mc Donald, which there may be possibility of using the same oil – which was used for frying the Haram chicken not slaughtered by sharia law (but there is no pork). If the fried fish is fried using the same oil that is used for frying the Haraam chicken – would the fish be Halaal?


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