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Islamic Laws (Fiqh)

Anal Intercourse

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 12/07/2014 - 04:49

Salaam Alaykum,

I would like to have a clarity on the matter of Anal sex as regards to verdicts of Ayyatullah Sistani (may almighty prolong his life), so,

a) Is it permissible or not ?? we see different view from same marja ,


two- rule 456- Islamic laws

b) Is it permissible while the woman is in haydh / monthly periods? In both situation with the wife's consent.

Wife's Milk

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 12/05/2014 - 04:53

If a milk drop of pregnant wife goes in the mouth of husband but he spit it, what is the religious answer to it?

Masturbation in Sleep

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 11/28/2014 - 03:24

Assalam u alaikum,

sir i have a very big problem, i masturbate while i'm sleeping, it is affecting me alot, i want to stop it but i'm not able to stop please help, i have searched in google but didn't find any accurate answer, so i am here, i'm not able to stop myself because im asleep when it is happens, then i'm sad because i have done a sin.....

please help me sir as soon as possible


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 11/24/2014 - 16:17

I came to USA in June 2013. i already have 2 sons & after coming here in month of October i came to know I'm pregnant accidentally. i wanted to abort this baby but i didn't have medical but as i got medical i aborted my child on 3 November 2013. According to the doctor, the baby had heart beat & it was almost 2 months. i aborted my baby because i think myself I'm not a good mother & person & i get angry very much.

Taqleed Of More Than 1 Marja'

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 11/20/2014 - 22:14


1.Is it permitted to follow one marja' in one issue (E.G. KHUMS) and another in a different issue if both are a'lam and of equal 'ilm?

2. When one has this situation where two are both a'lam, is it permitted to pick one marja' in khums just because his laws are easier, if both have equal and the most knowledge? Wasalam

Qadha Salaah While Sitting

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/19/2014 - 15:07

Salaamun alaykum

may Allah reward you in this world and aakherah for all the efforts and time you are putting in to answer our questions insha Allah.

My question is, due to my bones being weak, its hard for me to pray my qadha namaaz while standing as my knees tend to pain alot. Though, I pray my daily wajib namaaz while standing. Is it allowed for me to pray my qadha namaaz while sitting? I have alot of qadha namaaz. and its kinda hard for my knees to get well anytime soon. It might take some time. If I wait till my knees get well, what if I die before that?!


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 11/17/2014 - 16:48

Recently I heard that there is possibility of picking and choosing a marja to follow his rulings for some individual issues and another marja for other individual issues. Is this tabidh? Can you kindly provide me clarification on this concept in taqleed. What is the guidance on this by Seyyid Seestani?


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