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Return to Faith

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 12/31/2018 - 20:28

My daughter Zeba is Shiaite Muslim by heritage. She has moved away from her faith. I am requesting a female person who can perform Quaza prayers for her so she can be energized to return back to her biological faith.

Counsel - Will Allah Accept My Prayer?

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/27/2018 - 08:10

Asalamualikum. I hope you are having a blessed day, I have a very important unanswered question which is stopping me from praying and becoming a better Muslim. I’ve been through a lot, and did get into drugs as a teenager. I’ve quit everything , but am in medical detox for benzos (Valium) . It is an anti anxiety sedative , which is sometimes prescribed for sleep. It doesn’t take you out of consciousness but just makes you slower. I wish I didn’t have to take it but unfortunately the withdrawals are deadly, shaking , seizures etc.

Rejecting Marriage Proposals

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 18:00

I am an iraqi shia muslim girl and i do not want to get married. i have no sexual desires and i don't want any form of romantic relationship at all. I am 17, and my parents have been unhappy due to me rejecting khaatibs. How to i tell them i dont want it? They will guilt trip me and force me into it and i am sure i will not be able to fulfill my role as a wife. I haven't had a relationship or anything yet my parents seem to think this is the reason for my dislike for getting married. I just wish i could live alone and work or just stay at home with my parents would be okay.

Temptations/Bad Thoughts

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 12/14/2018 - 16:51

Assala Mualaikum, why so many temptations and bad thoughts and doubts come to me about Islam? weather it's a test from Allah SWT or shytan just made it a habit for me to always think about such issues. I'm much disturbed please for the sake of Allah SWT give me some useful feedback Waiting for your early response

Can a Teen be a Dai? (Mosque)

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 03:20

I know a masjid where my friend lives ,no one comes for salah there. Can myself and my friends can go there and call the people to come to the masjid for salah ?? We are just 17 yrs old. We are not Hafiz or alim but we do know the punishments for not praying salah, rewards for praying salah and hadith's on these topics. We have also been on few hijra's before spending 40 days and so on


Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 12/11/2018 - 15:47

Assalamualaikum, My parents performed Istikhara about a girl from a local Aleem e Deen and it came out to be SURAH YUNUS AYAT 36 & the aleem-e-deen said is a no/bad response, my mother did not disclose about the negative doubt she had about the girls grand mother in her heart, Later the doubt was cleared after discusing with my sister but since the istikhara came out bad my parents are afraid of proceeding ahead with this relation, what should i do now? you are opinions are appreciated jazakallah, wasalam

Wedding Customs

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 09:56

There are many suppersition during marriage if some of them are not done correctly there will be thousands of waswasy. What should we do if there is these waswasy in marriage.

Shirk Or Not?

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 12/05/2018 - 20:58

Past couple of months I have realised pieces of paper that are folded up and behind my wardrobe and my bed and when I open them - there is a box with 9 boxes and it says different things like numbers in Arabic and then like random writing which I can’t tell what it says . I have approached my mum about this and she says they are there to protect you or to see whether your friends are good or bad for you. I personally think this is twisted but my question is, is this shirk ?


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