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Counsel: Married Life

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 10/13/2018 - 09:56

Asslamolaikum, I am married since 5 years now. And i am not stable in my life as i am my husband's second wife. We made this mutual decision for a life we wanted to start but i can see anything progressive in it. My husband is not stable financially nor emotionally now. He is been indulged in the haram activity of drinking. He doesn't work to earn but always negotiate for a jackpot in his life. He doesn't has a stable approach for anything in his life. I had a baby who died in an accident at 1.5 years of age. Afterthat he left and move to abroad.

Counsel : Evil Omen - Thoughts

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 10/11/2018 - 21:30

ASSALAM O ALUKUM, I did an istikhara for my engagement and the next day i woke up some weried things happen first when i went to washroom the soap dish fall down when i put tje soap in there secindly when i tried to open the door the door knob came off like 5 mins after that soap dish thing could these be the signs of no?of istakhara or i am over thinking please i dont have much time can u please answer me as soon as possible. or any hadiths or verse u can relate too plz. Jazak Allah

Should I Continue or Divorce?

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 10/08/2018 - 16:20

Case Description: I got married at 18 . Mh husband lived with me for a month then left me with his parents and brothers. For an year they forcefully made me a slave for them i had to make meals 3 times a day. I had to serve them tea. Give them massages. Make them snacks. Clean the whole home. And i was never looked parents live in Qatar and I was in India with them ...and I didn't even know that country. I one day asked to go back to my parents n they told me i couldnt go cuz tbey dont permit me . N let me go for a month n asked me to return back. Said that i belong to them now.


Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 10/05/2018 - 07:32

Assalamu alaikum My question is whether one will get cured or not from a sickness can be known by Istakhara?


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 09/19/2018 - 05:30

I am living in united arab emirites i am married my wife tell me someone make k cut on her's clothes she told me many times when she buy new suit after 1 time wear a big cut found on her's kameez so can you tell me how does it possible and how can we fix this problem

Unfortunate Event (Omen)

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 09/09/2018 - 22:54

Assalam u Alaikum. Something really unfortunate happened in my house and I’m worried about it. My father passed away in a road accident 7 months back. We had an old picture of him in our house which was hung in his room. The frame was there in this house from almost the past 5 years and even before that he always had that picture frame in his room always. Means the frame was there since almost more than 18-20 years. Yesterday morning, while we were asleep I wokeup by the sound of the frame falling and shattering into pieces.

Counsel - Religion/Imaan

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 13:17

Alright the thing is, I’ve been quite religious two to three years ago but now I think I’m out of religion. My iman is just no more. I don’t have the niyyat to pray, recite Quran, pray to God and ask for help anymore at any point, I can’t even thank him for the blessings. I have been committing so many sins, fornication, masturbation, ate haram, always with girls and everything. I hurled abuses and really hurting words at my mum as well. My mum and dad are really disappointed with me but I feel like I dont care about anything. I get really angry too. I threaten them etc.

Demanding Divorce

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 08/04/2018 - 10:52

My husband is the cruel man from the very first day he starts beating me. He was already married before but he didn't inform me before nikkah. Now I have been living separately since last two years and do not want to go with him I demanded divorce but he is not willing to do so. I do not want to go to court please guide me that in this situation after how much time divorce will be considered applicable.


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