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Addiction - Porn


Salam, I never would've reached you but i need help. I am addicted to watching porn and i DON'T want to but when i am left alone i get to that no matter how much i stop myself from it i still get back to it. I want to give up my phone for that as well but i can't do it because of my job. Every Single Time i repent to ALLAH i ask for forgiveness and i feel better but after a month or two i am on the same page.I want it to go away i want to clean myslef heal myself, i have quit listening to music, i listne to nasheeds and quran, i cry but when i get back to it i feel ashamed of myself and embarrassed and i think that h ave no right to ask for forgiveness because i didn't kept my promise the first time when i repented. I need help I am very helpless please help me.


Waalaykum Salaam,

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