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Masturbation and Pornography (Referred)


Help me! Hello there, Alim. I am a 17 year old teen. I have been addicted to Porn and masturbate. I started doing it during my 7th grade and now I'm on grade 11. I never knew that such actions are haram, forbidden in Islam. If I knew, I would not dare do such sin. I had found it out few days ago and I regretted all those time that I did Masturbate and watch porn. So, I decided to stop doint once for all but their is this urgence that keeps bothering my mind, it seems to be luring me into doing so and I believe it is shaytaan. I really regret all thos time i spent doing such sin. I am frightened by it every single time ai remember it. Unfortunately, earlier today I did it again and this time I though of it as a way to finally stop this forbidden actions slowly but surely becayse I really cannot just stop it as soon as I wnted it. I decided to have patience and hold the urgence as possible as I can. It just bothers me everytime. I thought that if I do this, I will be able to put an end to it. And then I will repent to Allah (SWT). Am I doing the right thing? Please help me.


Salaam Alaykum, 

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