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Fiqh: Alms Tax (Zakat)

Paying zakat on savings

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/09/2020 - 02:15

Salam, I wanted to ask a question regarding paying zakat on money I have saved for over a year. If I am planning to spend the money saved within the next month, do I still pay zakat on it since I have had the money for a full year? Your advice is appreciated.


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 06:55

Salaam Alaykum, Kindly let me that from Zakat may we pay to our relatives if they are poor facing financial problems


Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 11/27/2018 - 05:06

Salaam Alaykum, Can son-in-law give zakat to his wife's parents?


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 14:54

I wanted to ask that I have been nikkahified but rukhsati is delayed due to my studies. I have recieved my haq mehar and I also have almost 20 tola jewellery of my own but all that money and jewellery is under my mother's control. I wanted to ask if zakaat is applicable for me and how can I pay while I am no source of income and earning Also my mother doesn't pay zakaat for all that on my behalf


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 06:16

I am salary person. Instead of salary i have one house from which rent coming and that rent also uses in my expenses due to my low salary. Instead of this house i have one house which is not fully developed and its in construction stage still might we have plan to live there when its fully estabilished I want to know that how and on which earning i have to pay zakat shall i have to pay zakat on the property from which one of them rent is coming and other is in construction stage. Await for the reply

Car Warranty / Zakat

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 01/14/2018 - 19:28

I have 2 issues to ask from a right Scholar.

Could you please help

1. Is Car Warranty is allowed in Islam? as I called a Mufti at Leicester Daraul;afta who is saying that it is not allowed in Islam as it is kind of Insurance

Zakat al- Fitr and Fidya

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/19/2017 - 18:24


1) I have not been able to fast for the past 5 years. I have never paid the Fidya before. I have heard some years ago that one need to pay it, but I have not paid anything until today. My question is, what is the ruling for me? Can I pay the Fidya altogether for the past years now? And how do I know the amount I should pay (per fast). I live in Sweden.

Zakat on Loan, Salary & Assets

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 06/12/2016 - 00:05

I have 5,71.000 Rupees in Bank and 2,50000 in hand. Apart from that i have given 90.000 to my brother as loan. I also got loan upto 1.00.000. which i pay back from my salary. Should i pay Zawakat for the money which i have given as loan or not? Should i minus 1,00,000 money which i got loan from the money which is with me in hand? I mean Zawakat on 8.21.000 only.Or all money.

I also get pay which fulfills my expenses in a difficult way. should i pay zawakwat on that.

I also have plots should i pay zawakat for it?

Zakat On Shares

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 06:58


I have taken a 3 year interest free employment loan of 80,000 riyals from my company (employer) on 1st January 2016. The loan is repayable over a period of three years and hence each month a monthly installment of 2,222 riyals is deducted from my salary.

I have invested the loan in the public company shares as a long-term investment to earn dividends and hence bought 80,000 shares (1 riyal each) in a company doing halal business. I will be paying zakat on 31 December 2016.


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